Holiday Rates


Service fees on Holidays and surrounding days are slightly higher due to demand. Here are Holidays we observe:


Daily Rates are displayed on our booking site.

Day Care

Drop off your fur baby anytime from 7 AM or later and pick up by 8 PM. 

If your dog needs a different schedule, please contact us and we'll work with you on scheduling. Otherwise, an Overnight Care fee will be charged for pick ups after 8 PM, and you may not be able to get your dog until the next day. 

Overnight Care

24 hours of personal care for dogs aged 6 weeks and older.  Drop off anytime from 7am-8pm then pick up 24 hours later.  

Late pick up fees: 2-10 hours = 50% of rate. Over 10 hours = 100% of rate. 

Our booking site will show rates per day.